Mold Star - Easy to Use

Mold Star™ silicones cure to soft, strong rubbers which are tear resistant and exhibit very low long term shrinkage. Molds made with Mold Star™ will last a long time in your mold library and are good for casting wax, gypsum, resins, and other materials. Cured Mold Star™ rubber is heat resistant up to 450°F (232°C) and is suitable for casting low-temperature melt metal alloys.

One to One Mix Ratio

Mold Star™ rubbers are mixed 1A:1B by volume (no weighing scale necessary) for precise measurements even at a very low mass and cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage.

No Vacuum Degassing

Mold Star™ silicones feature relatively low viscosities making vacuum degassing optional and is not required for most applications. A uniform flow will help minimize entrapped air.

Mold Star™ Translucent Series: 14T, 19T, 20T, and 31T

Certified Skin Safe, fast curing silicones for making molds or casting into alginate molds. They offer an infinite number of color effects achieved by adding Silc Pig™ silicone pigments or Cast Magic™ effects powders.

Make Molds Fast

Mold Star™ 16 is available in a 400ml cartridge and is one of the fastest ways to make a silicone mold. With a 6 minute pot life and 30 minute cure time It can even be used in forensics to capture evidence impressions in the field.

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