Ampro Bio Epoxy Resin

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  • Safer: uses lower toxicity chemicals with low hazards
  • Stronger: more flexible resin matrix ideal for working with wood
  • Tack-free: no surface residue when cured, does not clog sandpaper
  • Wide over-coating window: up to 4 days later without additional surface preparation
  • Waterproof: AMPRO™ SILICA has been optimised to withstand the marine environment
  • Faster: improved cure at temperatures as low as+5°C
  • Glossier: improved coating performance with reduced surface defects
  • Cardboard outer packaging: less single-use plastics
  • Greener: accredited, bio-based option using a high content of plant-based chemicals
  • Simplified: 4 systems with inter-changeable hardeners and the same 3:1 mix ratio by volume
  • Professional: boat-builder’s choice for bonding, laminating and filling

Gurit AMPRO™ BIO Accredited Bio-based Multi-purpose Epoxy System

  • 3 : 1 mix ratio by volume
  • No surface residue, even at +5°C
  • For bonding, laminating & filling


  • Accredited bio-based system
  • Fast – 1 hour working time, 1½ hour tack-off & sand-able in 15 hours at 20°C
  • Slow – 2½ hour working time, 4-hour tack-off & sand-able in 20 hours at 20°C