Ansell AlphaTec 87-195 Latex Chemical-Resistant Gloves – 1 Pair

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Ultralight, highly tactile food processing gloves, specially treated to reduce allergy risks

Key Features and Benefits

  • Food handling certification: For EU- and FDA-certified PPE gloves
  • Treated natural rubber: Reduced risk of allergic reactions
  • Cotton flocking: Moisture absorbency, for comfortable hand protection

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Ideal for cleaning and also suitable for handling food, these protective gloves are manufactured from a strong natural rubber and feature a cotton flock lining to maintain great working comfort. They’re resistant to a range of chemicals, micro-organisms and radioactive contamination, while the patterned fingertips offer secure grip for handling tools and food. Economically priced, these chemical gloves offer a great balance of cost and hand protection.

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• Natural rubber latex gloves with a cotton flock lining for comfort
• Resistant to a range of chemicals
• Resistant to bacteria and fungi
• Protects against radioactive contamination
• Treated to reduce the risk of allergies
• Fishscale pattern provides great grip
• Tactile and dextrous
• Straight cuff
• Suitable for use with food
• Thickness of 0.35 mm
• Length: 305mm
• Acceptable quality level (AQL): 1.5

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EN 374-1:2016/Type B KLT
EN 374-5:2016 Virus
EN 388:2016
EN 421:2010

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