Chavant NSP – Sulfur-Free Modelling Clay – Brown

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Chavant NSP Modelling Clay is a non-sulphur plasteline used widely in fine arts and special effects applications. Chavant NSP is characterised as being waxier and somewhat tougher than other non-drying modelling clays, and is available in three stiffness ratings: soft, medium, and hard.

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× Chavant NSP - Sulfur-Free Modelling Clay - Brown

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Unique Properties

NSP can actually be melted and poured as a casting, brushed or sprayed. The melting point is approximately 175°F.

Physical Properties

NSP Soft and Medium Density: 96.7 lbs./cu. ft. Specific Gravity: 1.55 g/cm

NSP Hard Density: 103 lbs./cu. ft. Specific Gravity: 1.65 g/cm

Softening Point

NSP – Soft is generally used at room temperature. NSP – Medium and Hard are most often warmed to a temperature of 110°F – 120°F to soften it. When it returns to room temperature it also returns to the initial firmness.

Working Temperature

 Room temperature to 105°F.


 Wash hands with soap and water after use.

Handling Tips

NSP can be warmed to soften but as it softens it also becomes sticky. Using small amounts of water, citrus-based solvents, lighter fluid, latex paint removers, turpentine or mineral spirits as a lubricant on the surface of the clay will help to attain a smooth surface.