Crystal Clear™ 200, 202, 204 & 206 Series – Water Clear and UV Resistant Plastic

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Crystal Clear™ Series resins are water white clear and made specifically for applications that require absolute clarity. These rigid urethane casting resins differ only in working and demold times. Crystal Clear™ products cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Cured castings are UV Resistant and are not brittle. Vibrant colors and color effects are achieved by adding SO‑Strong™ color tints.

Please be aware that from 24th August 2023, all professional and industrial workers (employed or self-employed), using mixtures containing diisocyanates at a concentration of 0.1% or more (e.g., insulation and filler foams used in construction etc.), must undergo mandatory training. (Please follow this link for more information

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Crystal Clear™ resins are formulated for specific ranges in casting thickness.

  • Crystal Clear™ 202 – 1⁄16″ – ½” (.16 cm – 1.25 cm) thick.
  • Crystal Clear™ 200 – ½” – 3″ (1.25 cm – 7.5 cm) thick.
    Casting weight maximum: 16 lbs (7.25 kgs)
  • Crystal Clear™ 204 – 3″ – 6″ (7.5 cm – 15.25 cm) thick.
    Casting weight maximum: 35 lbs (15.88 kgs)
  • Crystal Clear™ 206 – greater than 6″ (15.25 cm) thick.
Select a Product Below Pot Life Cure Time Heat Deflection Temp
 Crystal Clear™ 200 20 mins 16 hrs 120 °F
 Crystal Clear™ 202 9 mins 90 mins 120 °F
 Crystal Clear™ 204 2 hrs 48 hrs 120 °F
 Crystal Clear™ 206 4.5 hrs 7 days 120 °F

Crystal Clear Creativity

From 10 ounces to over 10 tons poured at one time, Crystal Clear™ resins have been used by industry and artists around the world for over 25 years. For projects calling for absolute clarity, UV resistance and color versatility, Crystal Clear™ has been used to create some absolutely astounding pieces.

Gram Scale RequiredGram Scale Required
UV ResistantUV Resistant
Water White ClearWater White Clear


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