CRYSTIC® 2-446PA – Lloyds Approved – General Purpose Polyester Resin

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Lloyds Approved Marine Resin, see sizes below:

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Crysitc 2446PA is an orthophtalic pre-accelerated laminating resin, low styrene emission, thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin. It contains a colour change system and will change from blue to natural colour when the catalyst is added to the resin. Crystic 2446PA is a versatile resin and maybe used for most general purpose mouldings and repairs.
The resin should be catalysed at 1% to 4% (10 to 40grms) depending on the ambient temperature. Please refer to the technical data sheet. Lloyd’s approved.

This resin being Lloyd’s approved it is suitable for marine use, i.e boat repair and maintenance. It is also used widely for roofing, motorcycle repair, canoe / kayak build and repair, sub – box build, timber sheathing, general moulding and many other applications.

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Product Documents