Epoxy Floor Sealer – 5L

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A specially developed solvent free epoxy resin. Seal, protect & dustproof concrete

Epoxy Floor Sealer is a matt finish, two component solvent free epoxy resin sealer designed to protect, dust proof and seal concrete substrates. Can be applied to smooth non-porous surfaces such as quarry tiles, powerfloated concrete and aluminium. The characteristics of such surfaces can vary and for this reason a test area is advisable to ensure adequate adhesion.
Epoxy Floor Sealer is the perfect solution for dusty/porous concrete – drying to an attractive matt finish, it helps hide imperfections in the floor, whilst offering long term protection again dust and staining. whilst also being versatile enough to be used as a primer if required.
  • Offers long lasting protection and dustproofing to concrete
  • solvent free water bourne epoxy resin sealer
  • primer for hard, smooth surfaces

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  Surfaces   porous concrete, powerfloated concrete, ceramic tiles or metal
  Interior/Exterior   interior & exterior
  Curing time   touch dry in 8 hours, overcoat 24-48 hours at 15-20°C
  Coverage   approximately 30 – 35m² per 5L, two coats for a uniform seal – one coat as a primer
  Pot Life   45 – 60 minutes
  Shelf life and Storage   one year in sealed containers. Do not allow to freeze. Ideally store between 10-25°C.

Surface Preparation

New concrete should be at least 28 days old. All substrates need to be totally clean, dry and free from any oil, grease, dust, dirt, etc. Smooth tiled areas may require special preparation. Thorough cleaning is essential for the adhesion of Epoxy Floor Sealer. Some areas will still require traditional methods of preparation such a shot blasting. It would be advisable that large or more heavily trafficked areas are prepared in this manner.


Stir the contents of each tin individually. Decant both tins into a bucket or scuttle and mix thoroughly with a slow speed mixing blade or stir with a wide bladed tool. Mix for 2-3 minutes until an even colour and consistency are achieved.Occasionally scrape the sides and base to ensure all product is drawn into the mix.


Apply with a medium pile roller and use a brush for cutting in. Application of the mixed material should be completed within one hour. Apply in temperatures between 10-30°C. Cold or damp conditions may retard or prevent full curing. Do not apply too thickly.