Floor Protector Plus – Polyaspartic – 2.5L
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Floor Protector Plus – Polyaspartic – 2.5L

140.00 (ex. VAT)

Floor Protector Plus is an exceptionally hardwearing coating that incorporates the latest polyaspartic technology

Ideal as a protective clear coating applied directly to concrete, or for the long term protection of epoxy and decorative floor finishes. Floor Protector Plus also has excellent protective properties when applied directly to metal surfaces. A two part polyaspartic product for internal and external application, use as a hard wearing coating or as a protective clear layer for other coatings.

  • Protects existing attractive coatings from wear and tear
  • Prevents UV Discolouration
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Flexible to cope with movement in asphalt and around vibrating machinery
  • Can be applied directly to metal

Please see our case study for Floor Protector Plus at the Tate Modern

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  Surfaces   concrete, wood or metal & existing coatings
  Interior/Exterior   interior & exterior
  Curing time   light Traffic 10–12 hours, heavy traffic 16-24 hours, full cure in 7 days @ 15°C
  Primer required?   very porous surfaces should be primed with Epoxy Floor Prime before pouring the resin
  Coverage   25-30m² on smooth surfaces, textured or cold surfaces can affect coverage rates
  Pot Life   25-30 minutes @ 15°C, higher temperatures will reduce this time
  Shelf life   one year in sealed containers

Surface Preparation

Bare concrete, asphalt, metal and existing floor coatings must be completely clean, sound and dry. Any surface contamination should be thoroughly cleaned using FixMaster Bio-Clean Degreaser. It is essential that the cleaner is removed and that the floor is allowed to dry before application commences. If applying externally make sure that rain is not forecast.


Store in a temperature between 10-25°C for 8 hours prior to application. Mix each tin individually before combining and continuing to mix thoroughly, make sure that the side and base of the mixing vessel are scraped to ensure a thorough mix. If applying the anti slip version, add the aggregate at this stage. Continue to mix thoroughly until a uniform consistency and colour is obtained, only mix and apply one unit at once. Stir the anti-slip version at regular intervals to re-disperse the particles.


Ideally apply to a floor with a temperature of 0°C – +30°C although application is possible down to -10°C. Application below 0°C will result in the product thickening and loss of coverage. When mixed use a short microfiber roller and work out to around 25-30m².