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GEOTEXTILE-50 – Reinforcement for PU Liquid Roofing

GEOTEXTILE-50 – Reinforcement for PU Liquid Roofing

GEOTEXTILE-50 is a non-woven geotextile, from 100% polyester fibers, manufactured with the needle punching process.

  • Reinforcement of waterproofing in construction details, flashing, joints, cracks and gaps
  • Suitable for either solvent based or water based liquid waterproofing systems
  • Particularly recommended for PU liquid waterproofing membranes (HYPERDESMO®)

Product Documents

Product Documents

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  • The GEOTEXTILE applied on the full surface between the two layers of HYPERDESMO®, provides the required reinforcement of waterproofing in certain applications (i.e. over old bitumen membranes) by preventing the potential creation of future cracks
  • Traditionally reliable method of reinforcing construction details, flashing, joints etc. and repairing existing cracks and gaps