Rigid Polyurethane Foam 10kg Kit

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Tripor 227

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Tripor 227

2 – part expanding liquid foam system that produces a general purpose 95% closed cell rigid foam.

Uses include:

  • Gap filling
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sculpting
  • Prop-making
  • Non-critical buoyancy applications.

(Note: This product is not buoyancy approved and may absorb water when crushed or continuously exposed to water under pressure)


Cream Time – (25-35) seconds (from start of mixing to start of rise)
String Time – (150-170) seconds (from start of mixing to when a thread can be drawn from rising foam with an inserted rod)
Rise Time – (180-230) seconds (from start of mixing to end of rise)
Tack Free Time – (300-360) seconds (from start of mixing till surface can be lightly touched without foam sticking)
Density (Free rise) – (48 – 50) kg/M3 (weight of cups contents divided by volume of cup)
Core Density – (41 – 43) kg/M3 (density of piece cut from foam core)
Ratio –  1:1.2 (by weight)

Product Documents

Product Documents