Latex Thickener Additive

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Latex thickener additive is use to build up heavier layers than using latex without the thickener additive, this method will allow you to reduce the amount of layers but yet still build the depth to the require level, Easy to use – just add thickener to the liquid latex rubber then leave to dry. Apply the next coat as soon as the first coat is dry.

For the first coat, brush / dip a thin coat of latex on the model. Be careful not to puddle the latex. A gentle stream of air can help to blow latex into the finest detail and break any bubbles. After the first coat of un-thickened latex, add the latex thickener to the liquid latex, then apply as normal, let each coat dry for 4 to 16 hours in a warm, ventilated room. Drying time depends on temperature and humidity. Warm, dry air is necessary for fast drying. When dry, the latex loses its milky appearance, and becomes slightly translucent and amber in colour.

Use from 1% – 5% to thicken liquid latex.

For best results use non-thickened latex for first coatings.

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Product Documents

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