PMC™ 770, 780, and 790 – Tough, Rigid, Industrial Rubber

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Used in hundreds of industrial and art-related applications, many of our PMC™ rubbers are easy to use and exhibit excellent wear resistance. They cure with negligible shrinkage. They are economical, reproduce exceptional detail and are perfectly suited for production casting of concrete, gypsum and wax. Some PMC™ rubbers are suitable for mechanical parts (gaskets, wheels, pulleys) as well as ball mill liners and vibration/shock pads.

Select a Product Below Pot Life Cure Time Hardness
PMC™-770 30 mins 16 hrs 70A
PMC™-780 DRY 25 mins 48 hrs 80 A
 PMC™-780 WET 25 mins 48 hrs 80 A
PMC™-790 20 mins 48 hrs 90 A

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