Polyester Brush Gelcoat – Crystic 65PA – White

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Crystic Gelcoat 65PA White 337 is a pre-accelerated, Lloyd’s approved, Isophthalic Brush Gelcoat with excellent water resistance.  It is designed for use in the marine, building and transport industries.  It is also suitable for general moulding requirements.

The gelcoat should be catalysed at 1% to 4% ( 10 to 40grams) depending on the ambient temperature.  Please refer to the technical data sheet for more information.

PLEASE NOTE – Gelcoat IS NOT Topcoat/Flowcoat.

  • If used as an external finish it will dry tacky, attracting dirt etc.
  • For external finishes and repairs, Topcoat must be used.
  • Gelcoat can be converted to a Topcoat by adding Wax Additive.

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