Resin Casting – Pressure Pot 10Ltr

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Resin Moulding Casting Tank/Pot 10 Litre
Internal Dimensions Height = 22cm Diameter = 26cm.
60Psi maximum working pressure.

Casting under pressure is the best way to make high quality resin castings. This is especially true with difficult recesses and complex moulds. Pressure casting compresses air bubbles to sizes hard to detected by the human eye creating a virtually bubble free casting.
Simply cast your part in your mould and then insert your mould into the pressure pot. Apply positive air pressure from any regulated compressor and leave to cure under pressure.

These tanks are modified for casting only and can not be used for paint. All unused outlets are permanently capped with 150psi 316 stainless steel caps.

Important points regarding pressure tanks:

The maximum working pressure is governed by a mechanical safety valve, recommended good working practice is to use at a working pressure of 60 Psi or below.
Constant air supply – No pressure tank is 100% air tight so whilst in use it must be connected to an air supply so the unavoidable slight loss is automatically balanced.

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