444g/m² Biaxial Glass Cloth (+/-45) – 1.27m Wide

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Biaxial fabrics, also sometimes referred to as ‘double Bias’ or ‘bi-directional cloth’

  • 444g/m²  Biaxial Glass +45˚/-45˚
  • 1270mm Wide

Biaxial glass fabric of 450 g/m2 built of two layers of unidirectional fabric oriented at +45º and -45º respectively. Extensively used for hand lay-up, injection or infusion and RTM . Suitable for any type of thermosetting resin like polyester, urethane-acrylate, vinyl ester or epoxy. Widely used for processes where a very good mechanical strength combined with aesthetic quality finishes are required. “Print through” effect is avoided when placing these fabrics not too close on the gel coat.


Orders less than 5m will be folded. Orders of 5m and more will be sent rolled. 

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