Peel Ply

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Available 20cm wide and 1m wide.

Peel Ply is a high tenacity, nylon yarn release fabric. The fabric is scoured and heat set to remove any impurities from the weaving process. Releases from most commercial resin systems. Imparts the fabric weave pattern onto the composite component surface upon removal, where a painted finish or secondary bond is required.

Colour:  White with red pin-stripe

Fabric construction: 16.5 x 17 plain weave / cm construction

Warp yarn: 280 decitex HT nylon 6.6

Weft yarn: 280 decitex HT nylon 6.6

Material weight: 85gms/sqM

Maximum usage temperature: 200˚C

Note: Not recommended for use with phenolic resins / prepregs due to the natural affinity between phenols and polyamides

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1M x 1M, 10 M x 1M, 1M x 20cm, 10M x 20cm