Cast Magic™ – Mica Metallic Powders and Glitter Effects – SAMPLER PACK

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The Cast Magic™ Casting System is a new and easy way to add an endless variety of bright metallic, glitter & color effects to finished castings. Cast Magic™ is also good for reproducing sculpture and adding different cast effects to models and prototypes. With the Cast Magic™ System, you can create spectacular casting effects in a matter of minutes vs. hours or days for hand tooling and finishing.

Cast Magic™ 10 Pack Sampler includes:

  • Bronzonker, Fish Scale Gold, Flamus Red, Gold Rush, Goldfinger, Pearly Blue, Pearly Green, Red Devil, Silver Bullet, Silver Ghost.

See the reference chart in Product Documents for colour profiles

Product Documents

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Casting Effects

There are 12 Cast Magic™ casting powders to choose from that together with Smooth-On’s SO-Strong™ line of color tints and multiple casting resin combinations means that over 500 different casting effects are possible.

Use with Resin or Rubber

Easy to use Cast Magic™ powders allow you to create metallic and pearlescent color effects using both urethane and epoxy resin or urethane and silicone rubber and expanding foams. The effect stays even if the casting is stretched or experiences a lot of wear and tear.