Res-Tec Flexitec 2020 – Metal Detailing Primer 250ml

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Restec Metal Detailing Primer is a moisture curing low viscosity primer for use on a wide range of metal details. The primer is used in conjunction with the Flexitec 2020 System. The primer may also be used in conjunction with other Restec systems subject to approval by Restec Technical Services.
The primer may be used for priming small areas of metal such as protrusions, stanchions, outlets and other small metallic details. Can be used on galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium and lead.

• Single Pack – No mixing
• Fast Curing – 15 to 30 Mins
• For Metal Surfaces
• Handy 250ml Resealable tin

Coverage: 1 – 5m2 per 250ml

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Surface Preparation
• For full guidance on preparation of substrates please refer to relevant system application manual or project specification. Alternatively contact Restec Technical Services for advice on 01352 762 619.
• Prior to application, adhesion should be tested on site to ensure that sufficient adhesion will be achieved, and to determine priming requirements.
• All surfaces to be coated (including any coatings, repairs or test areas) are to be inspected and made good where required to provide a sound substrate. Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from contaminants such as dust, oil, grease, organic growth, sand and free from corrosion, laitance etc.
• All rust, loose and flaking materials are to be removed by wire brush or other means and all debris removed. Any areas of significant rusting which cannot be removed should be treated with a suitable proprietary rust converter. This should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
• All metal surfaces should be degreased and abraded prior to treatment. NB: Lead must be wet-abraded in accordance with H&S.
• Any un-weathered galvanised surfaces will also require pre-treatment with Mordant T Wash (Consult Technical services for further guidance).

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