U-Pica Core Mat / Bulker Mat – 5mm (100cm Wide)

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Upica Core Mat. A low density, non woven continuous strand laminate bulker mat containing approximately 45% by volume of microballoons and having a density of 0.45g/cm2. U-Pica matt has excellent wet-out properties for unsaturated polyester resin and absorbs about 55% by volume of the resin with no change of thickness.

Sold per linear meter, 30m on a full roll

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× U-Pica Core Mat / Bulker Mat - 5mm (100cm Wide)

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  • U-Pica Mat is the evolution of chopped strand mat. U-Pica mat is a nonwoven material. It is based on polyester fibres with a binder system that contains microspheres (45% of Upica is microspheres).
  • Upica Mat is used as a thin core in fibre reinforced laminates, manufactured in Hand Lay-Up or Spray-Up processes. U-Pica mat is a flexible material which gets its product properties by adding UP resin. It is specifically designed for increasing stiffness and reducing weight in solid FRP laminates.