GURIT® CORECELL™ M80 – Marine Foam Sheet – 10mm

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  • M80 Corecell – 10mm
  • Nominal Density: 85kg/m3
  • Pinhole Treatment

Sold in 4ft x 2ft Sheets (1220mm x 610mm)

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× GURIT® CORECELL™ M80 - Marine Foam Sheet - 10mm

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  • High performance foam, ideal for marine applications
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low resin absorption
  • High temperature processing (prepreg compatible)
  • Good compressive strength and stiffness
  • DNVGL, RINA, BV, Lloyds and ABS certification
  • High shear strength & elongation

Gurit® Corecell™ M is a structural foam core material using a SAN polymer base featuring high toughness and impact resistant characteristics. It offers very reliable processing without outgassing for high quality parts. Gurit® Corecell™ M shares the benefits of SAN chemistry common to all Gurit® Corecell™ products.


Gurit® Corecell™ M has been developed to deliver one product for all marine applications. It provides a combination of high shear strength with low density, high elongation, high temperature resistance and low resin uptake. Gurit® Corecell™ M is the perfect choice whether your application is slamming area or superstructure, hull or deck, using hand lamination, infusion or prepreg.