resi-CRETE Structure & Texture Medium – 1kg

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resi-CRETE is an innovative fusion between a polymer resin and a cementitious compound. resi-CRETE is odourless, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-VOC and extremely user-friendly

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  Surfaces   canvas, wood, mdf, glass, steel, metals, stone, ceramic
  Curing time   full cure in 2-3 hours
  Pot Life   30 minutes at 23°C
  Shelf life   one year in sealed containers

resi-CRETE offers the look and texture of traditional concrete but without the weight or brittleness of existing cementitous mortars. This material offers what liquid resins are unable to: depth, height, structure and control on sloped or vertical surfaces. It gives the user a quick, safe and easy method of creating depth, and thickness to control 3D height for art projects. resi-CRETE can be applied to most surfaces (canvas, wood, MDF, glass, steel, metals, stone, ceramic etc).

The final cured material leaves a subtle and pastel matt finish. To provide a glossy seal it can be covered with Mastercast 1-2-1 Clear Artwork Resin. To create a matt or gloss contrast the user can apply a partial resin gloss layer in selected areas.

  • Good UV resistance
  • Ideal for creating textured art pieces
  • Can be used for counter tops in conjunction with a waterproof sealer
  • Everything you need in a handy 1kg kit


Product Documents

Product Documents



Mix the resi-CRETE base powder with the Polymer Activator Fluid to suit the desired viscosity. Start with more powder and add the fluid gradually in small doses whilst stirring simultaneously.

Stir with a stiff implement (palette knife, rigid spatula or the plastic spoon provided). The mixed consistency should be like a stiff paste/putty that can hold itself vertically without slumping. To have a more runny (fine grade) paste just add more fluid to the powder and create a more flowable mixture.


Apply by trowel/palette knife. Layer different colours within 2-3 hours of each other for stunning effects. The cured layers can be sanded to enhance the contrast.